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The talented and distinctive Dutch band Skinny Boy effortlessly swifts from swampy blues to lively ragtime. Their unique sound is a combination of shuffle beat drums, resophonic guitar, Van Zalinge bass, blues harmonica and the dark voice of lead singer Jasper Jager.

Fresh new sound
Skinny Boy began with the shared love for the blues as it was played in the early years of the twentieth century. Mixing in more and more styles and influences, and creating a unique and distinctive new sound.

In 2017 they proudly presented an exiting new album 'Trouble On My Way', containing nine singular compositions that keep you captivated to the last song. Performed with decades of experience and the unsubdued intensity of their collective passion.

More skilled and dedicated then ever, they continue to compose and arrange surprisingly fresh new songs, working towards yet a new album, set to be recorded this year.

The band
Anjo Hekman: Guitar
Dave Hoop: Van Zalinge Bass
Jasper Jager: Blues singing and field howling
Michiel Stoop: Bluesharps
Jeroen Teitler: Drums

Skinny Boy loves to play before a live audience. If you are a music programmer for a stage, venue or festival, it would be really great if you could contact us: or call Jasper at +31 (0)6 146 128 92. Thanx!


• Walking Blues  (2004, no longer available)
This album features own interpretations of blues classics like ‘Can’t be satisfied’ and title track ‘Walking Blues’.

•  Backdoor Man   (2009)
A tribute to blues heroes like Howlin' Wolf and Seasick Steve. Played with remarkable intensity. The studio setting gives it an intimate atmosphere.

• Trouble On My Way  (official release: September 2017)
This exciting new album proves it is still possible to create a fresh and unique sound using traditional ingredients. Nine original Skinny boy compositions take you on a trip from smoke filled bars to basketball courts and roaring highways.

Available at:

All songs on the album 'Trouble On My Way' are written and composed by Jasper Jager and Anjo Hekman. All songs are arranged by Skinny Boy (Anjo Hekman, Dave Hoop, Jasper Jager, Michiel Stoop, Jeroen Teitler).

'Trouble On My Way' was recorded by Roel Blommers at Rock 'n Roll Support, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Band photography: Jurgen van Tiggelen

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